UK/US Marriage and CR1 Question

So my partner (UK) and I (US) were considering the K1 visa but now are leaning more towards just getting married ASAP and applying for the CR1 visa. We're leaning this way because realistically, her not being able to work for 6 months/up to a year while waiting for a work permit or green card just isn't feasible. She's planning on visiting for Thanksgiving in a month's time for a week. Would it be possible for us to get married here in the US, her return back to the UK (she's got her job to return to) and then apply for the CR1 visa?

I was reading that though it's technically not illegal to get married while visiting, US immigration often doesn't take kindly to people trying to do it because they think they're going to stay in the country and try to apply for an adjustment of status. My partner genuinely can't stay in the US because of work and we were already planning on continuing long distance for another year or so anyway.

Any help would be appreciated!

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