UK name change order or lack thereof?

I (american citizen) am posting on behalf of my british husband so bear with me if I use incorrect terminology. we had our green card interview this morning in london and we are needing husbands name change order from birth last name (fathers) to current last name (mothers maiden). Parent changed it when he was a child, and my husband does not have any paperwork for it, just current UK passport with current last name, and birth certificate with birth last name, nothing in between. I poked around google and found this which states that in the UK, a legal name change is not needed and one can simply start using a new name and thats all it takes? but usually a passport cannot be issued that doesnt match legal records? I also searched the archives per the above link that says

*3.3 How to search for an enrolled deed poll record from 1945-2003

Step 1: First you need to establish whether the deed poll record was actually enrolled at the Supreme Court of Judicature. To do this, search by name in The Gazette where all enrolled changes of name by deed poll have been announced since 1914. If you find an entry in The Gazette go to Step 2; if you do not find an entry we will not have a record of the change and you may need to speak to a solicitor if you require legal proof of identity.

Step 2: Use our records and research enquiry form to request a free search of our change of name indexes – please include the current name, the former name and a rough idea of the year that the name change took place (even a range of ten to twenty years is helpful).

there is no record of his name change/deed poll, so how do we get what is needed? what is a "solicitor" and what will that accomplish? how do we find said solicitor? would it need to be for his place of birth or current place of residence? thank you in advance for helping to unravel this.

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