Trying to help friend in French Foreign Legion visit the USA


I have a good friend who's trying to visit the USA (Seattle, Washington) for this Christmas season. He is a Mongolian citizen in the French Foreign Legion, a military unit that promises French citizenship after five years. He has been in the Legion for two years and thus has been living in both France and his station in Djibouti during that time. He has also previously studied in Seattle for college, but I do not believe he completed a degree. Recently, he reached out to me about needing a visa to visit the US and asking if I could give him a visa invitation (I am a 20 yr old US citizen). I've done some quick research and it turns out there is such thing as a visa invitation from a US citizen, but other Reddit posts I found say that they're not useful at all for helping a non-citizen get a tourist visa. Can someone shed light on this topic or direct me to any helpful resources?

Also, how hard is it generally to get a tourist visa for the US as a Mongolian citizen? Would my friend's status in the French Foreign Legion help? Thanks for your help.

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