TN visa or way for parents to stay in USA longer than 6 months

Hi! So I live in the USA with a green card ( via marriage) my parents are Canadian but would like to be able to come for longer than 6 month at time ( I guess that's the limit if for visiting etc) I thought if I could get them a TN visa ( my mom a nurse and dad property manager) which my husband could hire them . He actually needs the help Is this an option has anyone ever did this or is there a way to get them here for 6 months+ . I figured if I could hire them we could actually use them for help and also have them here longer than the 6 months . A win win but I don't know how to navigate the logistics and illegal aspects.

I should add I also need child care that I can trust and thought I could hire my mom as like an au pair somehow or some sort of nanny?

Has anyone had any experience with this any advice for me thank you not trying to get them here illegally just trying to get them here for longer stretches

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