TN Visa At YUL & YYZ

Hello All,

Got my second TN Visa in two months and wanted to share both of my experiences. First one at YYZ and second at YUL.

I have been working in the US on an E2 (Treaty) visa for one of the Canadian companies. I decided to switch jobs and had an offer from a Fintech company who were kind enough to lend their Immigration lawyers to get my TN Visa. I flew to YYZ with the documents. I was about 4 hr early for my scheduled departure. The US pre-clearance wasnt as busy as i thought it would be but that wasnt the issue.

There was this lady arguing with her case officer on why the officer decided to reject her application (she did not bring her original degrees and her transcripts were in French and couldn't get it translated in time). she went on and on pretty much burning the brain cells of the officer and even mine. As luck would have it the same officer attended to my application.

either he completely lost his mind with the previous candidate or coz he was a fill-in for someone else he made sure he gave me a hard time. Took me an hour to explain the difference between a Mathematician and a Statistician. And, how I, an analytics manager with an Undergrad in Engineering but a Masters in Analytics would qualify under that category. ( I build forecasting models. We studied Engineering Mathematics in first 3 yrs of Engg with a subject on Probability Theory. We use Engg's Fourier Series to incorporate Seasonality in Forecasting). he wasn't satisfied but somehow decided to stamp the visa. Guessing it has to do with me having lawyers as my reps.

I called up my employer to resign but they felt i was too valuable for them so they decided to retain me with a fatter paycheck. (Honestly, wasnt expecting them to). Anyhoo, I was asked to go get the E2 at the consulate or try getting a TN again. Decided not to pursue E2 with consulate being unpredictable due to current situation.

This time i flew to YUL as i really wanted to eat Poutine (true story) and YUL has better options for Priority Pass restaurants.

Again, i was 4 hr early and there was no waiting at all. The officer was one of the best CBP person i have met in last 10 years of crossing borders. He liked the document i had on me as "Simple, to the point". He joked how my Masters Degree had seen best of its days and that he likes Tims' donuts better than DD's.

He decided to test my Math skills by asking me to convert my annual salary into hourly. lol. i told him that was too simple for a guy like me (borderline arrogance) and we chatted how there are mathematical patterns in our daily lives. I told him miles to Kms conversion follows a Fibonacci series and that was it- he stamped the visa right away.

Either this officer knew his job well and wasnt a fill-in for someone or the fact that he was in a good mood to go with his personality. Or, was it Montreal? i think i would head to YUL again if i have to be in the TN process again.

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