TN management consulting visa

Hi, sorry if this isn't the correct subreddit to post. I got a job offer recently to work as an independent consultant for a project (duration 12mo) as change management consultant for a company that implements technology, so I would be applying for the management consulting TN visa.

This role is meant to assess impact of change, evaluate the company's change capacity, the point of resistance, among other assessments in order to draw a roadmap and advice the project manager, communications department and training department on how to do things the best way possible to implement the software correctly. I wouldn't be implementing, only adivising. I wouldn't be taking an american job, it's a contract specifically made for this project.

I have a bachelor's degree (Diploma, my "titulo" is in process) in organizational psychology and a specific certification needed to do change management. I also have 6 years experience in this role, 10 years total.

I've read that this is a heavily scrutinized type of visa and that I might get denied. I am also talking to an immigration lawyer, but what are your thoughts on this? Would you say I have a strong case? I am afraid it might get denied and have a negative impact on my future applications.


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