TN-1 Visa with a 3 years bachelors (from outside of North America)?


I keep reading online how a 4 years bachelors is needed for TN-1 visa and then on various forums I get conflicting info...

I'm a Canadian immigrant, soon to be citizen. My Computer Science degree from home country is a 3 yrs bachelors, which got equivalated just fine by WES when using it for Canada's immigration purposes (I do understand this is a different process compared to the one needed by TN-1 visa but my point is: it's a recognized university which works with WES & other institutions just fine).

My question is: is my degree fine for TN-1 visa if I were to apply to computer science jobs in the states? or is a 4 years bachelors needed?

If a 4 years bachelors is required, would doing a masters here in Canada help?

I really can't get any definitive answer on this online, so I'd love some input here.

Thanks guys!

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