Submitting i130 & i485 (&i765, i131).

Hi, I am filing my adjustment of status application. I came to the USA on ESTA and married my US Citizen husband who I have known for 4 years. We are going through everything and made a checklist of everything we have. Can someone read over it for me and check that I have included everything I need? I am also worried that we dont have enough bonafide evidence too, but we will definitely have more for the interview? Hoping for someones thoughts on that too.


[ ] Cover Letter

[ ] Check of $535

[ ] Passport Style Photos (2x petitioner)

[ ] Passport Style Photos (2x beneficiary)

[ ] Form G-1145, e-Notification of Application

[ ] Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative

[ ] Form I-130A, Supplemental Information for Spouse Beneficiary

[ ] US Citizen's Birth Certificate

[ ] Beneficiary's biographic passport page.

[ ] Passport page with i94 stamp.

[ ] I94 arrival/departure record (printed out the online version).

[ ] Marriage Certificate

[ ] Evidence of Bonafide Marriage:

• Breif letter providing relationship context.

• Photos, all labeled with date, people in the photo, and location (photos of our road trip, wedding, and activities we have done together)

• Bank statements from both of us with highlights of money/transactions sent to each other. Includes explanation of inability to open a joint bank account (because beneficiary was out of status shortly after we married and cannot open an account until providing proof of status). Also, this proves we have been sharing a bank account (Beneficiary's bank account has no transactions).

• phone bill receipts showing our shared address and that my husband pays for my phone bill.

• Car insurance copy (I am on my husband's parents' family car insurance plan).

• Amazon order receipts showing they shipped to our shared address.

• Hotel receipt from our roadtrip.

• Our florida boat liscences with our shared address.

• Fireflies game tickets photocopy.

• Copy of my husbands surgery discharge care sheet, where i signed as the responsible adult taking care of him

• a receipt from when my mum sent flowers to my husband from my home country.

• Some whatsapp phone logs and chats

• Some emails that my mum and my husbands mum sent to each other.

• my original return flight tickets to try and prove nonimmigrant intent (I was planning to stay for 3 weeks but kept changing my ticket date so we had more time together until we decided to get married and i turned it into credit with the airline company).


[ ] Cover Letter

[ ] 2 passport photos of beneficiary

[ ] check for $1225 for the fee

[ ] G1145 e-Notification

[ ] Form i485

[ ] beneficiary's birth certificate

[ ] Marriage certificate

[ ] beneficiary's passport biographic page

[ ] beneficiary's passport page with i94 stamp

[ ] beneficiary's i94 arrival departure record

[ ] Form i864 (filled in by US citizen spouse - currently not making income due to 3 surgeries in a year).

[ ] Form i864A (filled in by my husbands parents who are US citizens, and live with us)

[ ] Form i864A

• Tax transcripts

• W2s (for both)

• Proof of household members US citizenship


[ ] Cover Letter

[ ] 2 Passpot Photos of Beneficiary (me)

[ ] G1145 e-Notification

[ ] Form i765

[ ] My birth certificate

[ ] My passport biographic page

[ ] My passport i94 stamp

[ ] I94 arrival departure record

[ ] Marriage certificate - for name change proof


[ ] Cover Letter

[ ] 2 Passport photos of Beneficiary (me)

[ ] G1145 e-Notification

[ ] Form i131

[ ] My passport biographic page

[ ] My i94 passport stamp

[ ] My i94 arrival departure record

[ ] Marriage certificate - for name change proof

Please let me know if you see anything ive missed guys! Hoping to do this without any RFEs. Thanks for reading guys :)

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