So many concerns with spousal visa application

Hi everyone! I’m a permanent resident, been living alone in the US for almost 4 years now, and would like to apply for a spousal visa. I got married last June, but now I’m very concerned on how to apply and what way is best to get my husband to come here the quickest way. There are a couple of things to consider:

  1. I just started working full time as a nurse and I live in the US alone, so it can get really hard for me to do this myself. So I’m torn if I should get a lawyer or not.

  2. I’m able to apply for citizenship December 2022 so I don’t know if that affects my husband’s application

  3. I heard from an immigration lawyer online that you can petition your spouse while they’re in the US even as a tourist. Now my spouse is living in a different country, and since he’s friends with mine here in the U.S., they’re willing to invite him on their graduation. I’m thinking that if he were to come, would that be another petition i could try to do so that it would be quicker?? Or should i start the i-130 asap?

  4. I have been eyeing boundless for a while and was wondering if it was worth it? If any of you had experience with it, how long did your processing time take?

I really need help and would really appreciate any suggestion. Thank you!

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