Second Extension for EAD?

Quick back story. My wife and I got married early last year, while I was on a EAD/Nonlegal Resident status (4 Years) that was set to expire June 2021. We filed for i485/i765 on Oct 1st 2020, and just today I received my Biometrics appointment.

Back in May of 2021, I renewed all my IDs with the receipts from our filing, but those are set to expire after the 180 day time frame. My question is about this. My work permit is good up to the end of the year, and were still waiting on our filing to progress. Do I need file for an extension, or will I be getting a new one? I do not want to put my employer in a position where they are liable. Also do I have to leave the country? What are my options here?

Any guidance or help will be greatly appreciated.

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