Requirements for land entry into US and Mexico right now?

I've looked everywhere online and right now I'm only finding information about flying into the US or Mexico and am curious if anyone has any definitive answers.

My husband and I live a few hours from his hometown which is right across the border in Mexico. We just moved and have a bunch of stuff that his family in Mexico could really use that we'd like to bring to them. We're planning a day trip with his parents, who haven't been home to Mexico in 20+ years and got their green cards a few months ago.

My husband and his parents are Mexican citizens, but I am not. Do we need negative COVID tests or anything else to get into Mexico right now?

When we are returning back to the US do we need negative COVID tests? My husband and I are both US citizens, his parents are both permanent residents.

We'll be driving there and back and have all been fully vaccinated for months.

Thanks in advance!

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