I'm going to apply for an F-1 visa for third time and I have some questions which hopefully could be answered here.
A little background, so you guys could understand my situation a little better: I used to be an F-1 Visa holder. I got my visa back at the end of 2014. The visa was valid till the end of 2019. In 2015, I went to study Computer Engineering in US. But soon after arriving in US, and being in a different country, studying in an education system totally different from where I'm from, I developed social anxiety. It got so severe, that I stopped attending classes. I know it sounds horrible. But I was a 19 year old kid at that time, and to me it was like I'm solving my problems. In reality, I was just escaping them; running far from them.
In summer of 2015, I went back home for summer vacations and came back for fall semester. Again, I skipped classes, not thinking of consequences. For winter break 2015, I went back to home again. During the winter break, I got an email from my university stating that I have been terminated due to low GPA. I still remember reading that email, It felt like the earth has been shrink below my feet, I got severe anxiety attack. I didn't tell home to anyone, pretending everything was normal. I made an excuse at home, and didn't go back for Spring 2016 semester.
I explained everything to my university and they reinstated me. I travelled for summer 2016, but at Abu Dhabi airport ( that's where they do Immigration), I was stopped saying that my I-20 was terminated. I had to flew back home and got a new I-20 and travelled to US again. I took 2 summer classes; college Algebra and Logic 101. I was attending both classes. But again, Social anxiety came back, I tried my best to control it, on the finals I did a big fuck up, I didn't attend my Logic final. I passed College Algebra but obviously failed in Logic.
I couldn't registered for classes of next semester. I knew I will be expelled again. I did, but my university never sent me an email about my I-20 termination. I didn't tell my parents because I was scared. They had spent so much on me. I pretended in front of them that I have been doing very well. I forged final results to show them. I was depressed and suicidal, I had zero contact with anyone, wouldn't do anything, just stay in my apartment all day - eating just once a day. I was living the same day again and again just like the movie Groundhog day. One day I couldn't take anymore and broke down in front of my parents on a skype call. They asked me to come back and I travelled back to my country in September 2017.
I applied for F-1 visa twice and was rejected twice. My visa was cancelled as well. It was stamped 'cancelled without prejudice'. In the second interview, they told me I might get another visa but I will never get another student visa. That was in 2018. I didn't apply again.
I started working in a call center. Over came my social anxiety. Learned my self how to control it when it's coming. I tried getting admission in my country but no university would admit me. My job is dead end. I feel so drained out after each shift. I feel like a loser all the time. Studying in US was a dream of mine since childhood, I kind of lived that dream. But self sabotaged it. I'm at a point in my life, where I'm more mature. I just want to finish my degree because I know there is no future without it. I want to accomplish something. My life is going nowhere. I learned so much from my mistakes. Fortunately, I'm still enrolled in my university, I recently got my new I-20 for spring 2022. I'm thinking of applying for one last time. Last time when I applied I think I made a mistake in the visa application, I ticked that I overstayed my visa, but my visa was still valid. I consulted some attorneys and they also said I lost the F-1 status but didn't overstay visa.
Do you guys think I should apply it or I don't have any chance at all. If you think an Immigration consultant could help me in my case please let me know. I'm so sorry for long text but had to explain everything.

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