Question about existing passport # on DS160 vs. new passport at interview

Hey Friends,

I'm plan to Singapore in December- January and need to have my expired H1B stamp in my passport updated then. Wondering if any of you out there would know the answers to these questions if you've had experience with any of this -

  1. My current passport expires in Apr 2022, and I'm in the process of applying for a new one, which will likely take 3-4 weeks (mid-Nov) to arrive. Will filling out the DS-160 form with my current passport number - so that I can book an appointment now - and then showing up to the consulate with both old and new passports to have the stamp go in the new one be fine? Or do I have to wait to get my new passport first before filling out the DS160? I ask due to my concern about appointment availability, given the backlog at other consulates other Redditors have posted about. Would love to get a headstart on this while I can instead of waiting till mid-Nov.
  2. Has anyone tried booking a non-immigrant visa appointment at the consulate in Singapore recently? Any idea what current availability is like? I would hate to complete DS160, pay the fee, and then find out appointments aren't available till some far off date.

Any would be appreciated here! Thanks in advance!

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