Q: Lifehack immigrating methods to Southern Hemisphere learning language

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I always dreamt of immigrating to another country forever. I just finished my bachelor's on philosophy and wonder id there are any ways of immigrating to another country in Southern hemisphere via some scholarship program. Not just any ways - the problem is I'm kinda talentless hack and decided to study philosophy shit instead of some engenireeng which maybe would give me more opportunity for immigrating and finding work place. Also I'm artsy hoe and all my skills are writing electronic music and some text essays/fiction shit.

So I need some lifehack method since I'm actually not that rich either.
The advantages I suppose I have is that those countries can be less desirable for immigrating from eastern Europeans and that I can learn any language to achieve this immigration.

I suppose that learning Spanish could be great option but I still have no idea if there are any easy ways in my situation.

What would you advise? I love every country there more than northern hemisphere because of climate and politics... Southeast Asia is acceptable too

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