Process for Renewing US Visitor B2 Visa

Hello all,

TLDR: Do you need to wait until your US Visitor B2 Visa expires before you can request a renewal?

Long form:

Emma is currently outside the United States and has a Visitor B2 Visa that expires at the end of January 2022. Emma has admission to enter the United States in December 2021 and plans on entering the United States in early December 2021. Emma would like to apply for a Visitor B2 Visa at the end of October 2021 (soon, three months before the B2 Visa expiry date), to be able to stay past January 2022 in the United States. Her plan/expectation is that she will enter the United States with her current Visitor B2 Visa, leave for an interview at her local embassy for a renewal, and return to the United States afterwards.

Will Emma be able to renew her Visitor B2 Visa prior to the expiry date of January 2022?
US Embassy processing times aside, is there any rules prohibiting the renewal of a US Visa prior to the expiry date?

Will she be granted an interview prior to the expiry date of her US Visitor Visa?

What are the variables that will allow Emma to obtain a renewed US Visitor Visa without an interview at her local US Embassy?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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