Previously been denied a US B2 tourist visa, my country (Croatia) now joined VWP/ESTA, will I have a lot of issues?

Hi there,

As the title states, I'm a Croatian citizen and I have tried to visit some friends in the US in 2015 by applying to a tourist visa. I was rejected because I didn't provide enough evidence of my ties to my home country. At the time I was a student in the UK and I was pretty young (early 20s).

Croatia just entered the Visa Waiver Program and we can apply to the ESTA thingy. I realise that one of the questions on the ESTA is whether I have been denied a visa previously, which I will of course answer honestly, but I am worried that just due to a previous visa denial I won't be able to visit my friends. My circumstances have changed significantly since 2015, I got my degree, live full time in the UK and I'm pre-settled via the EU settlement scheme (meaning I can live and work here , I had 2 stable jobs and am in full-time employment, I have a car with insurance, I'm renting a private place, and such.

Does anyone have any experience with this type of situation, is there anything I should do in particular, anyone I should consult before trying to apply for an ESTA? Any advice would be appreciated.


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