PR for Canada for 53 year old

guys is there a way a 53 year old with 20+ years of experience in mechanical engineering can apply for Canada immigration. i surfed the internet for info.

My dads crs score is very low , i found a video saying u can apply for pnp if so but the eligibility for pnp is that my dad either has a job offer from canada or has studied in canada

My dad tried applying for jobs in canada (via linkedin) and i saw him doing it wrong (he filled application in a wrong way, and his profile was incomplete), i fixed it and i started applying for him it didnt affect much but companies now started sending rejection emails (at least now the application is being filled correctly but he gets rejected bcuz of his age

His crs score is very low for the same reason

Btw he actually got a canadian visa before in his 20s but bcuz of unexpected circumstances he couldnt move further with the process, nevertheless the visa expired, he didnt care since he was doing fine financially. But now he wants to migrate to canada. I dont know why I provided this "he got a visa before" info but just leaving it to see if this info can open an opportunity.

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