Posting for sibling - divorce/child custody

Posting for my brother. Also posted in r/legaladvice but was told to post here also incase anyone had similar experiences.

My brother (28M) (US Citizen) married his wife (32F) (from Hungary) nearly 2 years ago. He sponsored her fiancée visa and she currently is a GC (conditional) holder. A few months after marrying, they got pregnant and now has a beautiful one and a half year old.

My brother works full time and she is a stay at home mom. During the pandemic he worked from home and is extremely involved in the daily care of their child. However, his wife is an emotionally and verbally abusive person and not only has she been this way towards him, she is extremely rude to my mother, my sister and my fiancĂ©. She hates being a stay at home mom. In her home country, she claims she worked and was able to live independently. When my brother offered to hire a nanny or send their child to a daycare a few times a week so she can have some “me time” or work, she gets offended and she explodes, and flat out refuses. She blames it on the fact that she hates America. The saddest part of this is that my family and I have done so much to be as supportive as we can, but she will typically bar us from seeing/contacting my brother and the child, reject support and continues with her “America sucks, everyone is against me” attitude.

My brother is going to try to take her to marriage counseling because for the sake of his child, he wants this all to work. However, he believes that should counseling not work, he will ask for a separation and eventually a divorce. His greatest fear is that she will take their child back to her home country and he will never see her again.

What should his course of action be? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

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