Obtaining work visa after deportation and stay of ban in home country

Some background first My husband was deported by voluntary removal for illegal entry in April 2018. He was ordered to a 6 month stay and could file for re-entry after his ban as long as he did it in his home country. He then entered illegally with the caravan later that yr. Immigration only processed him and then released him 3 days later. With a 2 year ban. Since December 30 2018 he has been in hos home country working when he can and living mainly with the help of his children who don't really have money but at least offer shelter and food. He had a massive seizure while here in the US and was hospitalized for a coma and traumatic brain injury where he was put on the radar and so began his first deportation.

My question for advice or thoughts.. is this: Would it be possible for him to obtain a work permit for entry? Because of the huge medical bill from a Tampa hospital would the US hold it against him due to owing the money? What are thoughts with being approved or length of time for a wait because of urgency with all the immigration files lately ie.. Asylum and Daca taking more importance after covid..(which I understand and almost feel guilty for trying) He isn't in danger but there is no work in his home country) I have learned over the years with many of our friends being deported and most with files still pending. I have learned marriage to a Citizen and even having children in the US.. Have no effect on the approval of statues. So how possible is it to even have a case actually being approved for reconsideration for a temporary (visa) or permanent statues.

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