Need major help residence permit Romania

Hello I have been trying to find ways to stay in Romania with my girlfriend for a while now. With about a week and a half left until my last 30 days, I must act fast. Marriage is not an option before it is said, I can't obtain a copy of my birth certificate which is apparently needed for marriage in Romania. I have to appear in person to my health department in my home state to obtain it.

The other option I had was a school program but since that has already started I couldn't get a permit through that.

The last option, and pretty much only I have left, is apparently to open a business. I have talked to 3 different lawyers who have said that all I need is my passport, health insurance, a health document, and a rental agreement or residence and I can't have the permit within two weeks. The costs I have seen have been between 1500-3000 euro. They said because I'm a US citizen, I don't have to invest any money into the country. Am I being scammed? Is there another way? Please help I'm running out of time.

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