Need help. Should applicant go back and wait for interview or should we start over and adjust status while in USA.

  • Visa Class: IR1
  • Case currently at: NVC
  • Foreign state of chargeability: Taiwan
  • Interview location: Taipei
  • Priority Date: 30-Oct-2019

I (petitioner) met my wife (applicant) while teaching in Taiwan. This process has been so slow. Here is where we currently are. everything approved except family member 2020 w-2, still waiting.

  • Applicant
    • Passport Bio page =Accepted
    • Photographs = Accepted
    • Birth Cert = Accepted
    • Marriage Cert = Accepted
    • Police Cert = Accepted
  • Petitioner (me)
    • Form I-864 = Accepted
    • Form I-864a contract between sponsor and Household Member = Accepted
    • Federal income tax transcript (2019) and (2020) = Accepted
  • Household Member
    • Form I-864a Contract between sponsor and HHM =Accepted
    • Proof of relationship = Accepted
    • Proof of U.S. Citizenship = Accepted
    • Proof of U.S. Domicile = Accepted
    • Form W-2 (2019) = Accepted
    • Federal Income Tax return (2019) = Accepted
    • Federal Income tax return (2020) =Accepted
    • Form w-2 (2020) = Submitted (16-Sep-2021)

Here's where we stand. We moved back to USA on Aug. 25 2021. The plan was to wait for the interview to be scheduled, then fly back to Taiwan and finish up, but NVC recently asked for 2020 w-2 from household member. Wife can only stay 90 days. We have no news of interview. We also had a son during this whole process. Our son is now 14 months old. If she goes back to Taiwan to wait for her interview, we have no idea how long that will be (and I wouldn't be surprised if NVC asks for another document. This feels never ending). Anyways, I don't want to go with her, nor do I want her to take our son. She will have to quarantine in a hotel for 2 weeks upon arrival, that's why I don't want our son to go with her. Her 90 days tourist visa runs up soon (November 25th). Does anyone think she should go back to Taiwan (November 20th) and wait for interview then come back, or stay put here and start the process over so her interview can be done here in USA. She doesn't want to start over, but I'm worried about being a single father for who knows how many months. Any recommendations?

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