N400 interview after divorce, except I am the petitioner.

I have been living in the USA for now over 5 years as an LPR. I came here on a DV Visa (not by marriage) but before I came I married my fiancĂ© so that I could sponsor him to come and live with me. Before his petition was approved I received a Request for Evidence of Bona Fide and provided whatever we had (photos mostly and screenshots of texts and calls) since he lived back home and we could not co-own or co-sign anything yet. His visa was granted in 2019, although he didn’t enter the country until 2021, we had been having issues and we divorced after I filed my naturalization form in April of 2021. I had my biometrics apt and waiting for my interview to be scheduled, but I have some doubts and insecurities and would appreciate any insight or similar experience: At the interview I will need to update my marital status to divorced. But will our divorce affect my “good moral character”. Will they think I somehow committed the f word with my ex husband because of this divorce? Will the fact that I divorced from the person I petitioned for viewed negatively by USCIS?

I am asking this because I stumbled through some people’s experiences that made me question mine. I want to add that the only proof we have of bona fide is a ton of pictures and videos throughout the years and two plane tickets for the years I went back to see him while I-30 was pending, and chats and Skype calls…

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