Multiple entries on a B2 visa?

Back story to this. I am an avid long distance hiker. In November I am traveling to the USA to hike the Pinhoti, Florida and Arizona trails (2,250 miles total). I will be asking for 6 months when I enter. If I complete these hikes I want to also attempt to hike the 2,650 mile Pacific crest trail which will require an additional 5 months.

I have visited the USA many times (on a 1 year student visa and for 6 months on a B2 visa in 2019 for a different long distance hike). I have loads of photos and videos to back up my experience of long distance hiking around the world.

I'm from Ireland and have a 10 year multiple entry B2 visa and have more than enough money to cover each stay

When I finish the first 3 hikes listed above within my 1st 6 months what are my options for getting an additional 5-6 months? I have looked at the extension process and it does not seem feasible given I will be spending my time in the middle of nowhere away from any major cities.

If I get a bus down to Tijuana and cross the land border back into the USA can I get a new entry for 5-6 months?

Or would I be better off flying home for a week and flying back to the USA on fresh 6 month entry. (Note Ireland is the only country in the world where you can clear US immigration before physically arriving in the USA, although a more expensive option, I think I would have a greater chance here).

All feedback and advice welcome. Thank you.

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