Lying about being a US citizen? Who has a copy of my i-9?

Hi. I would like to become a US citizen but I know that one bar to that is claiming you were a US citizen when you were not. I do not believe I've ever done that, but I recently remembered I was employed many years ago (I WAS authorized to work at the time) and I filled out an i-9 form. The employer helped me fill it out and I was never given a copy for my records, and it's honestly a blur what I put in the form. There's a question in it about whether you're a citizen and I don't believe I would have claimed to be one knowingly, but I was nervous and mostly just going along with what the manager was instructing me to do, checking boxes I was told to. I remember they asked me for my passport and SSN, and as stated, I was authorized to work, so I see no reason why they would tell me to answer the citizenship question wrong, but it's just something in the back of my mind I'd like to resolve before I apply for naturalization.

Who has a copy of my i-9 form and how would I get one? I don't think they're still in business, so I can't contact the employer to see if they have a copy.

Also, is this something that would have come up in an adjustment of status interview? Because I did successfully adjust status after this employment and I did disclose it to USCIS. If they would have looked into it then, maybe I'm good?

Thank you for any insight and answers.

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