Lower-Skill Job Ideas for Canada to US Immigration

Okay by low-skill, I don't exactly mean low-skill. But what are possible job opportunities that might require 1 or 2 years of a certification, especially in a trade? Could someone who has welding as a trade get a visa to the US? What about some specialty in driving, like a truck or heavy equipment?

I am considering studying in the US for 5+ years and was thinking about ways that my boyfriend might join me. He would want to work while I'm studying so being declared my dependent if we got married wouldn't be an option. It would be ideal to have something more permanent than agricultural position like the temporary visas offer. He is not interested in university but is interested in a trade or something hands-on. He could get trained in Canada before coming to the US or could train in the US. Is there anything that's not extremely high-skill, like being a doctor, that he could do to join me in the US for an extended period of time?

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