Lost Student Visa

I am an international student from Poland. I came to the US in 2014 on J1 visa, I was an au pair for 2 years, then had a tourist visa for 6 months. While on a tourist visa, In 2017, I applied to college and was accepted. I received my i-20 document, however the school did not file the I-539 and I was not told to do so either. The school realized that in January of 2021, terminated me as a student, but let me continue the program. On the day I was terminated, the school told me to apply for the missing form. I did so. While waiting to hear from the USCIS, I graduated in May of 2021 (psychology) and got into graduate program. I was attending classes for a month until the school no longer allowed me to. The USCIS sent me the Request for Evidence that I need to reply to.

I am wondering what my options are and how I can stay in the US and continue my studies.

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