Looking for suggestions

Hi people, I'm currently working on F1 OPT in USA after master's in mechanical engineering. I have been reading up and realized as a person of Indian citizenship, the path to Green card seems dauntingly long. Even after that, I need to wait until I get citizenship to be able to get my parents sponsored and with me to the USA. Also the process os not only long, but very restrictive with what I can do and where or what I may work on.

I was wondering if people here had any comments or suggestions of what to do or which country to try and move to. I know Canada is an option for a faster PR, but it's too cold and I was hoping for better alternatives. Maybe Australia? Idk, if you have experiences or suggestions, kindly share them with me. If you're not comfortable with public comments, feel free to dm me.

I'd appreciate any and all input I can get


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