Looking for direction where I should look for help or information for European Citizenship

My mom is a European-born citizen with both a Canadian and European passport. I however, was born and raised l, and we reside, solely in Canada. We're planning on moving back to Europe, or more specifically Slovakia, before the end of the year. I have a fiance who I am marrying soon, and want to bring him to Europe to live with me ASAP.

My fiance and I are just Canadian citizens, but I am applying through descent with my mother in Slovakia. I know it'll take time, but I want to know how long it might take for my to be able to bring my husband over legally to live with me in Slovakia.

Is there anywhere I can look into that would have advice or information I can do research on? I'm definitely nervous and confused on where to look. I don't want to be separated any longer than I have to from him

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