L1B and move company

Hello I’m based in the UK and been with the same company for a few years. Went through a L1B process last year and it got approved recently.

I’ll be moving to the LA in the USA in a few months. However I want to move company at some point.

As I recently understood from looking online, L1B locks me into my current employer when I move to the US.

I’m planning my next few years so..

I’ll be moving internal team within the year of moving to the US which the L1B allows me. But I want to move out of the company after a year or so to another US company.

What’s the best course of action? Apply for a H1B, Green Card? How long - any premium processing fees for speed.

Will my manager get hints I’m trying to leave the company if I bring this up? Manager/attorneys never told me about any of this locking me to a employer so they obviously knew and never brought it up. Else I may of pursued different action.

As a last resort I will pay my own fees if they delay any action. Any tips on that, I guess I’d need to talk to my own attorney at some point once I understand my circumstances.

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