K1 Visa Police check requirement

Hi and thanks in advance for any support.

I am nearing (well already delayed and filed a late form so hopefully nearing) the date for interview (UK to USA).

I lived in South Korea on a work visa for 10 months (still kept everything in the UK rolling such as my mortgage and continued to make National insurance contributions.).

When i initially filed for the Visa i stupidly thought things would be relatively on time and got all my paperwork up and ready including the police reports for the UK and for Korea. Whilst the UK one is relatively simple to apply for (online form and done) the Korean one requires documentation and a trip to the London embassy (a long trip for me). Now the Korean police check i had is at this point over 6 months old. would i need a fresh report? i'm thinking it might still be applicable considering that i have not gone back to Korea and so the report would be the same?

TLSH: Can i use a Korean police report that's over 6 months old because i have not been back to the country since.

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