K1 Visa: Changing Embassy for interview

Hi Everyone,

Back in January, I sent in our I-129F documents to submit for the K1 Visa for me and my fiancé. On March 1st, we were given notification that USCIS had received our documents and were processing our request. About a month ago, we realized that the Embassy we had submitted for her to have her interview in (Podgorica, Montenegro) did not do immigration visas. Ever since then we have not really known what to do. I called USCIS, finally talked to a human, and they said we should mail a physical letter detailing how we want to change the specific data block in the I-129F form to a different Embassy. We have two options (neighboring Serbia, or her home country Israel) to choose from. My fiancé is an Israeli citizen living and working in Montenegro with a work permit.

We basically felt that since we had already waited so long, that USCIS would have already contacted us if they NEEDED us to amend something in our paperwork, like requesting to do the interview at an Embassy that cannot do it. We have been following multiple blogs/forums for immigration, and it seems like it is almost our time to get our NOA 2 as people who submitted in February have been getting theirs. We are unsure which of the following steps we should take:

  1. Wait until we get our NOA2, which we figure might automatically assign us an Embassy to go to, or will request for us to notify them of which one we want to go to.
  2. Send the letter to USCIS ASAP telling them which one we want to do our interview at.

Does anyone have any insight or advice they might be able to give us? Thank you in advance!

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