Joint/co-signed auto loans and Citizen/Non-Citizen couples.

Hello all, I am looking for guidance from anybody who has received an auto loan as a citizen with a non-citizen applicant joint/co-signer. Anybody on a non-immigrant visa who has attempted to obtain an auto loan knows that most lenders will immediately deny a non-immigrant - kind of funny that you can get a house loan, but not a car loan - I digress…

Partner 1: US Citizen, excellent credit score Partner 2: Non-immigrant Visa, excellent credit score, but higher than partner 1 (approximately the same length of credit history)

We wish to receive the best rate possible, and would like advice for which of these scenarios would result in the most favorable terms: (a) ONLY the citizen applies (b) Citizen and non-citizen apply jointly (c) Non-citizen applies, citizen co-signs. ….so far, option (d) ONLY non-citizen applies, has been unsuccessful. I’m aware of certain lenders who will loan to non-immigrants but rates are unacceptably high.

Thanks for your assistance!

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