J2 Visa, EAD and waiting for SSN

Hi guys,

Around 7 month ago me and my wife moved to USA Michigan, I'm on J2 visa and she is on J1. I had applied for EAD and SSN right after that and 2 months ago I got my EAD card, I was supposed to receive my SSN a week later. Because I have never received it, I made an appointement in SSA and saw them 2 month ago (September 1st 2021). I'm still waiting for SSN and they say they can't send it to me because Homeland Security "requested them to resend my documents for verification" and according to SSA they have around 60 people in similar situation, one of them still waiting for more than 200 days.

I called USCIS (1 800 375 5283) and they said that they released all my data to SSA on September 10th 2021 (9 days after my visit in SSA for SSN).

SSA claims that my application is in Homeland security because there is "immigration mismatch".
Currently I'm waiting for someone from USCIS to call me back and schedule a visit in their office but they will call me back in 30 business days.

I have no idea what to do, I can't sign any contract without SSN so I can't have a job here even though I have a work authorization.

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