Issues entering the US L-1A Canadian

I had some issues entering the US yesterday after a vacation in Peru and wanted to get some advice.

I have nexus, and the global entry machine gave me an error (I think it was broken because my traveling companion who is a US citizen also got the error). When I approached the counter I told the officer the system gave me an error, and also asked if he would mind verifying that I’m entering as an L-1 because the last 3 times I have entered the US the machine didn’t recognize my L-1 and instead was admitting me as a B-1. Last time I entered the US through YYZ the officer there told me very kindly and professionally that their machine removed this option after a software update and I should always verify with the officer until they get it fixed.

After that, the officer asked if I had a copy of my petition. I did not. Then he asked if I had a copy of a couple of forms. I believe it was a 797, and another form which started with a 1. He said I should have a document with my salary and employment details. I told him when I applied for the L-1 in Calgary the officers took all my documents and just gave me the stamp and the receipt.

I asked if I can check my OneDrive to see if I have these documents and he said don’t bother, and went to confirm something with another officer. He said he would make a note on my file and that I should carry these documents next time I leave the US. I definitely do not have a record of these anywhere in my possession. I also verified with two other Canadian citizens who have L-1 status and they also said the officer in Calgary took all of their documents and all they have is the passport stamp to prove their status.

He also told me I shouldn’t be using the global entry line if I have nexus because they are separate programs. But I have never had any issues over 10 years with nexus using the global entry machines entering the US at ports of entry all over the US and Canada. I did check my I94 on the website and it looks like they admitted me correctly yesterday as an L1.

What should I do about all of this? I have another trip out of the country in a couple of weeks, and I don't have any of these documents he says I should be carrying and am unsure about how to address this situation.

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