Is there any benefits I can take advantage of being Autistic (ASD Aspergers) and wanting to move to Canada?

Hi. I’m a 20 year old male and I live in Maryland USA, I don’t go to college and I’ve been seriously wanting to move to Yukon Canada. As I mentioned I have Aspergers and have been diagnosed with ASD since age 5. I have years and years of documents proving my conditions, and had more proof from Doctors, Therapist, School IEP’s etc. Is there any privileges i can use? For example I’m able to get into most colleges for free because of my disability, I’d just have to give them all the documentation and evidence.

Could I possibly do the same for a Canadian college and immigrate for studying? I just want to know if there’s anything like that I can use to get to Canada with no job qualifications for entry express and no marriage. Right now I’m a self employed fitness trainer if that means anything.

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