Is my wife’s grandmother US visitor’s visa cancelled?

Back in 2018 my wife’s grandmother accompanied her - now late - husband to renew his US visitor visa in a US Consulate in Venezuela.

When the officer did the interview, he asked about what did he do, what was his purpose to go to the US, and so on; typical questions of a visa interview.

Now, the officer also asked if one his of son was in the US requesting asylum to which he said: yes (which is true).

Immediately, the officer says: sir, your visa is denied and (this is where things get tricky) madame do you have a current US Visitor visa? To which my wife’s grandmother says yes, then officer says: your visa is also cancelled.

Now, my wife’s grandmother was just accompanying his husband. She didn’t even had her passport with her. My question is: is her visa cancelled? Is there a website where we can check her validity? Status? Phone number we can call to confirm her visa status?

Granted, there are no US consulates in Venezuela. The closest one is in Colombia.

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