Is it worth paying for an EB1-A application while my employer is sponsoring me for an EB2?

My employer is sponsoring my GC through an EB2 application, they should be requesting the prevailing wage in the next days and are telling me that it will take 1.5 years from the request until the GC.

The problem is that they have been quite slow already. So, I've been searching for other options and I had a consultation with a law firm that gave me 75% chance of being approved for an EB1-A.

The timeline they gave also seemed pretty good, 4 months for the I-140 preparation that can be filed with premium processing, and then the I-485 could be filed right after the approval of the I-140. According to them, the I-485 can take up to 1 year but with the I-140 approved we shouldn't have any problem approving the I-485 as well.

If my employer is able to get my GC in 1.5 years I know that the EB1-A won't be hugely valuable, but at the speed things are going this seems unlikely, so I'm seriously thinking about starting this other process, even if it means gaining only 6 months or so.

Does anyone have a similar experience or has any opinion on my situation?

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