Is it normal for employers to sponsor green card for new employees in tech

I have been working for current employer on a H1 visa for a little over 2 years and have a total of 3 years of experience as a software engineering.

I initiated the green card process with them last year and we already have the I-140 approved and with my priority date being current, we should have been ok to move forward with the adjustment of status I-485. The only problem is HR used the job description for the position above me and now I have to wait till I get promoted to that position so they can apply.

This is an issue because, realistically I am not meeting the metric used for deciding who gets promoted. I do not see myself getting a promotion anytime soon.

Due to this I have been thinking of moving to a company that would be more favourable toward my circumstances. I have heard that Google is usually willing to sponsor green card on day on are there any other companies that have the same policies?

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