I need to escape London! How to relocate to America?

I am going to try to keep it short. I live in fear of my life because my family are into honour killing and I have ‘shamed the family’ and ran away. They attempted a kidnap which resulted in certain family members going to prison.

Anyway I have realised that I cannot rely the police to keep me safe. They tell me to contact them if I am in immediate danger ? So if a gun is put to my head? but by then I would be dead. I need to go abroad. I am thinking America because there won’t be a language barrier for me so I could study/work etc… and also all my family members have multiple criminal records and have killed people and are involved in terrorist groups etc.. so they could never be allowed to enter America.

I am asking can I seek asylum? Or is that only for political refugees? Or is there any other avenue that would allow me to enter the country?

I also have a child. And I have an apartment I rent here from a charity organisation so it is affordable I have already been homeless for years before I do not want to escape to another country and struggle with my daughter and be homeless again. I built myself up from living in a park to graduating university and speaking at the House of Lords. I fought so hard to be free and independent but unfortunately they are still after me and I do not feel safe my gut is telling me something is going to happen soon and I am petrified I cannot sleep or function!!

They are a bunch of psychopaths who abuse women and children. They’ve killed innocent people they’ve abused animals. Yet they play victims and manipulate the system here. I was deprived of everything living under their roof I could not tolerate the sexual,mental,emotional,physical abuse any longer and I had to run! They’ve always told me if I stepped out of their control I would be hunted down and killed with no mercy shown ! But I wanted to be free I dreamt of a life full of love, peace and happiness! But I have put myself in so much danger I have trusted people who have put me in danger and I need to escape again!

Is there a way I could get any support for shelter if I sought asylum does it even work like that? Are there charity organisations in America? etc..? If I relocate to American? Or Australia or Canada even? I just don’t want my daughter to go through anything traumatic. I want to tell her we are going on an adventure to start a new life and then build myself up again and give her a beautiful life. I want to feel free and happy I am so tiered of fighting and being scared!!

Any advise would help.

Thank you!!!

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