I lost original i-864. Don't what meeting schedules yet. What to do to avoid delays?

I am in the US and and my wife is still in China waiting for the NVC to review our application and schedule us a meeting.

Unfortunately, I think the original i-864 documents for myself and co-sponsor have gone missing. They were scanned, submitted and accepted by the NVC, but I'm not sure if they will require a copy of the original at the meeting. I've gotten mixed messages about this. I was under the impression that the NVC just needed original copies of her documents, such as birth certificates and stuff pertinent to herself. Will they require the original sign affidavit of support. Would this be something that I should mail to them ahead of the meeting?

What can I do in order to avoid delays in processing the case? Should I alert the NVC that we lost it and submit a revised form or an letter explaining the situation? can I just add a signature to the printed copy?

Thank you for any input.

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