Huge error/mistype by a CBP officer is now on my permanent record

I was applying for my TN at YUL the other day. I was allowed to withdraw and I was fingerprinted and a sworn statement was taken. The CBP officer typed my answers as I spoke, and I was told to sign the statement without reviewing what he had typed. I didn't think much of it because I was truthful and didn't have anything to hide.

I didn't receive the printed record until after I had re-entered Canada. I read it, and the officer mistyped my birthdate and multiple answers to extremely serious questions.

There were many inaccuracies (at least 6 questions were mistyped/did not reflect what I had said), but the worst is that he typed out that my answer to the question "Have you ever been convicted of a crime in Canada or elsewhere in the world as "Yes". I have NOT been convicted of any crime and there's no chance I would have EVER said yes to that question.

I'm just so floored by this and exhausted by the way I've been treated by CBP - I've sent it to an immigration lawyer but I have no idea how to think about its consequences.

Reddit, if you have any advice... I'm all ears.

CBP Officers - if there are any of you out there, PLEASE don't fuck around with people's lives like this. Take the extra moment to REVIEW What you are typing on sworn statements. I am disgusted by this gross misuse of authority.

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