How Exactly is Getting Married Culturally (non-legally (religiously)) in a foreign country to your fiance/e while k1 is processing fraud?

This post might be a little controversial but here we go: As the title says, I am trying to understand why it's such a problem to have a marriage ceremony but not actually be legally married in fiance's foreign country and then just get married in the US when the k1 is approved. Heck, why can't they be legally married as well? You'd think it would make things a whole lot easier for both the couple and the immigration officers.

It just seems like being allowed to get married while the 1 is processing would kinda reinforce the whole "bona fide relationship" thing if the two got married beforehand and make it easier/more evident that the couple really likes each other. It would make it more obvious that the couple really wants to be together instead of forcing the couple to instead, not get married beforehand for risk of messing up their k1 visa, and then they just have to hope that the immigration officers who review their application at the interview or at any other point in the process don't think they "aren't close enough" to really be engaged or "too close" to not be already married and risk a denial for either of those based solely on speculation and what the officer feels. It's like you're walking on a tightrope.

I just want someone to give me a reason why this makes sense. Covid is a thing that is slowing this process down a lot, making it take twice as long to complete and people need to move forward with their lives. It's already a slow process as it is without covid. People can't continue to wait for years upon years apart from each other just because they aren't allowed to get married for risk of k1 visa denial. It's not fair and frankly, it doesn't make sense.

Aside from the old "Because that's the rule of the k1 visa" or "because it disqualifies you from the eligibility of the k1 visa" someone explain to me why couples can't get married while the visa is processing. Explain to me how it makes sense that this is the rule. Now, I don't know, maybe there's a logical reason for why it has to be this way, but "because that's the law" just doesn't work for me. It's just a bit frustrating having to wait and everything

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