Help!. I need a lawyer in Daytona Beach!.

Hey there!. My husband told me to download Reddit for more information and experiences of other persons... We've married for almost 2 years, and we never even tried to start my paperwork process. We are very new in Daytona Beach, we moved 3 months ago, and we don't know absolutely anybody in here!. We already tried to hire a lawyer, setting an appointment with them, but in the moment of it, they wanted us to pay first, and nothing just seemed like a real thing, then, they disappear forever and their phones doesn't work never again... So SCAMMERS EVERYWHER. So, we are tired of it, we need a real lawyer for the green card application by marriage. And also I wonder if this process could be donde in the distance, like, the lawyer living in another state than us. I would appreciate your opinion or comenting your experiencie as immigrant looking for the green card app with a lawyer, and even more if is in Daytona Beach. THANKS!.

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