help for friend who finished contract at job that gave her visa

My friend got her visa to come here to work. Her contract has ended. They want her to sign a new one but she is strongly considering looking elsewhere due to pay. She has some concerns about this process. Below is the situation in her words. Please let me know if you have any questions.

I am an Occupational Therapist currently working in New York with an agency. I am working in US since 3 years. My agency had filed green card in 2019 and I have my labor certificate, I - 140 approved. My priority date is June 2019. So my question is 1) If I change my agency then do they (New agency) have to file all documents (green card, labor certificate, I-140) again?? 2) If my current agency is not ready to release all documents; can my new agency use it, otherwise? 3) If my new agency file all documents again; Is there any chances of rejection or decline?? 4) If I switch agency Is it going to affect my green card processing? 5) My current lawyer said it will take 20-25 years for me to get a green card as for India there is backlog and currently they are processing 2014 now? Is it right?

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