Hello I am an 18 year old from Jordan and wanna immigrate to the us

So I want to immigrate to the USA because I never liked life in Jordan this place is terrible

I was forced to drop out so I can't get a student visa for college
I am not a professional at anything so I can't immigrate to the USA for work and I think I'm too young to marry someone at this age
And my only family member there is my uncle so I don't know if he could get me a green card

English is pretty much my first language and I worked in the past and am financially ready to move out but I want to immigrate I don't want to just go over there for a visit can anyone help me get out of this situation? Is there any other easy way to get a green card?

I've lived my whole life with the hope that I could one day leave this country and maybe even get a GED, be free to make friends control my life and even date without it being unusual and now that I've researched this matter it seems that immigration is very hard for me and I even lost my will to live so if you know of any way I could fix this tell me

I don't believe in Islam anymore and I can't even tell my family about this anymore because they would ruin my life if they knew and I can't even change my Muslim name because of similar reasons

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