Having a child whilst under L1 Visa

Hey guys, I have been working in the US for 3 years now under an L1B visa that is just about to expire. My employer has petitioned for renewal which I hope won't take too long to process. My wife is with me under an L2 dependent on my L1. I am a EU citizen, my wife is from SE Asia.

Since L1B expires after 5 years, I want to petition with my company to apply for a Green Card, which they probably will.

My wife and I want to start a family so my question is, how does a baby conceived and born in the US affect a Green Card application?

And just to be clear, I am not talking about the so-called "Anchor baby" situation, my Green Card application is mainly through my work with my company and my wife has already been here 2 years now and worked for 1.5 years under a valid EAD.

I just thought having a US citizen child would have an impact on the application.

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