Have conditional greencard but spouse abusive. What to do?

I’ve been facing emotional & mental abuse and some physical for ever month over the past 20 months.

To give you latest examples, just one day before our greencard interview my wife called me ‘Gay, a**hole, I’m using her etc & refused to go for the interview. She eventually did but it was a harrowing experience. I got the conditional gc since we’ve been married for 20 months but it’s just been a lil over two weeks since I got it.

Few days back when we were getting ready to go to my in laws place she threw a fit. (I’m guessing bcuz she was out of weed and she smokes 3 times a day). Asked me to get out of the car bcuz I didnt help her put her stuff in the car & was booking me a flight back to my home country.

She also threatened to report me to immigration that I used her. Drove away when I came out with my bag, then turned back. Called me an asshole n selfish n narcissist in front of her kids & again threatened me with divorce (which happens once every month)

The problem my job is yet to start and I have some debts that need to be paid off. Another issue is I can’t carry on with this mindset bcuz I’m living with someone so unstable. If I leave and later file for ROC then I’m scared I’ll be looked at as fraud. I have text screenshots and audio recordings if required.

Any suggestions?

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