Guidance on securing Annulment

This is humiliating, but... Grieving my dad's death during the pandemic, I met a man - a Ukrainian citizen in California on a tourist visa. We met online for what I expected to be a one-night thing. Turned out I liked him... and over next couple months, thought I was falling in Love. I'm in Bay Area, he living in LA (in a loft under someone else's name). Despite warning signs -- specifically his Visa was about to expire -- we talked about getting married and building a life together. We got hitched in August, a week before his Visa expired. I filed papers to sponsor him for work eligibility and green card in the US, started a new job and apartment hunting for us.

It was all a sham. He duped me to marriage to stay in the US. He works illegally as a gay escort -- to pay for an expensive LA apartment in someone else's name. We do not share a residence as required by USCIS for the type of marriage license we have. He claimed he just wanted us to be in LA- -- which was a lie. When I offered to arrange for my new job so I could move to his home, pay his rent and pay his car -- and so he could stop working all together -- he again changed his requirements: and demanded I pay $15,000 per month indefinitely "to be married".

I believe this meets the standard of fraud required for Annullment. And while I wish him no harm -- I was falling in love -- he refuses to speak or meet -- and two months after marriage, we've seen each other one time. I've written to withdraw sponsorship of his Visa... but I need to end the marriage. I worry I can be accused of marriage fraud if I wait longer.

A sample of a strong CA Annulment petition would be great. And other advice. I'm not vindictive and don't love the idea of him being deported or arrested.... but that's very possible, isn't it? He's so brazen -- his escort and gay massage ads use his real phone number... Advice welcome on how to proceed with Annulment and protecting myself

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