Got my US tourist visa application declined 3 years ago, I want to try again but I'm scared about a potential instant rejection again mainly due to the first one

Hey, long story short, 3-4 years ago, 21 at that time, I applied for a tourist visa. I was a uni student (last year), I was also working in the field I was studying and I had documentation to back all that up. I thought my case was solid, who would throw away their job and studies (especially final year)?

Boy, was I wrong. The interview lasted 30 seconds tops (no kidding), I was asked where I got the money from to travel, how much I plan to visit US and that was about it I think. Under a minute. I got rejected. I was never asked about supportive documents or anything like this.

I didn't have any hotel / plane tickets bought because frankly I find it absurd to do that before you even know you can legally go, nor I plan to do that if I were to apply again.

I would really love to give it another go but my situation didn't change much (besides the fact that I'm no longer a student and I'm older, lol).

What do you guys think I should do? Was it just extremely bad luck? It felt incredibly unfair to me.

Thank you.

Edit: I've applied to DV before the initial application, and continued to do so ever since, more of a "why not" thing, I never had the intention to remain illegally with a tourist visa. Not sure if that contributed to my quick rejection, the internet says it doesn't.

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