Getting name change after foreign marriage reflected on I-94

After getting married in my home country recently, I returned to the US on my existing H-1B visa and passport, both on my maiden name (I did not have time to get a new passport while at my home country). Then, a few weeks later while still in the US, I applied for and received a new passport through the consulate of my home country. My new last name consists of my maiden name and my husband's last name so it's rather obvious that I'm the same person.

To get my name change official here in the US too, I wanted to get a new driver's license with my new name. California appears to require my new name to be on my social security card before they can give me a license with it, so I went to the SSA today with all my documentation.

Unfortunately the lady at the SSA would not approve a new SSN card because my I-94 still has my maiden name (since I last entered the US prior to renewing my passport). So now I somehow need to get an I-94 with my new name to be able to complete the name change here.

What are my options here? Does my employer need to file some sort of amendment to my H-1B? Can I talk to someone at the CBP office to have my I-94 name updated? Or do I have to leave & reenter the US to get an updated I-94 with my new name from my new passport?


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